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Created by Fortuna Ekutsu Mambulu, its current Director, African Summer School is the “daughter” of “Africasfriends” Association. This initiative could not exist without both the guiding spirit of this association and its philosophy, which aims to enhance the African culture in a non-partisan and non-denominational way, mainly through an intercultural perspective of openness towards knowledge and mutual enrichment. Therefore the goal which African Summer School and all those who collaborate in this project aim to is fostering a kind of [in]formation that most closely approximates a complex and balanced view of the African continent, especially where the bases for a critical interpretation of such a large region of the world – consisting of multiple political, economic, social and cultural realities – are too weak.
The main goal of the project is to contribute to unmark Africa from the common perception of being a “continent which shall be saved” in two ways: on the one side, supporting the idea of seeing Africa as an extremely rich and potentially interesting area under cultural, social, economic and commercial perspectives; on the other side, starting to stimulate good practices through a set of concrete and self-entrepreneurial development policies freed from dependency attitudes that often too much harm African people in their conscious and sustainable emancipation.


African Summer School is the first training school for business and African Renaissance with a special focus on Africa. The project is based on an intensive week of frontal lectures, characterized by an intercultural didactic, addressed to young students, previously selected.

The training activities are residential and will take place in a Villa where participants, in addition to attend frontal lectures, will be accommodated, will both eat together and spend moments of conviviality, thus promoting cultural exchange.

Classroom training will be followed by three months of personal or group works: this period will allow all those who have attended lectures to deepen the topics covered with a paper or with a microenterprise project, both targeted to the African continent.
At the set term, projects will be selected in the internal competition “Business Incubator 4 Africa”, which aims to reward the best business ideas and accompany them during their implementation.


  1. Train the artisans of African Renaissance
  2. Contribute to the creation of a balanced vision of the African continent, and the development of the African historical consciousness.
  3. Promote a new young, afro-oriented and intercultural entrepreneurship through social and civic engagement
  4. Create innovative spaces of interaction between youth in favour of dialogue and against all stereotypes and prejudices rooted in the local and global society